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Adlabs Imagica Offers, Tickets Price & Entry Fees Discounts

Get Adlabs Imagica offers at flat 30% on prebooking of 15 days early bird coupon code at Beyond Enough. Find the best deal with our Novotel Imagica package (Theme Park + Water Park + Stay with Complimentary Breakfast) & get flat 65% discount for college students. Call us 9920040323

12 Best Adlabs Imagica Offers & Discounts For November 2019 At Beyond Enough

Choose from amazing imagica deals and discounts for students, group booking, early-bird offers and deals on Imagica Theme Park & Imagica Water Park with Beyond Enough.

  1. Flat 35% imagica discounts for College Students only for College Student IDs: Promo code BECOLG35. Valid Till 31st Dec 2019 on Theme Park & Water Park.
  2. Imagica Offers on Prebooking of 15 Days. Flat 25% OFF: code BE25. Book by 15th Dec,2019 for Visit Till 31st December, 2019
  3. Group booking imagica offers 5 & above tickets. Flat 20% Off: code BE20. Till 31st Dec 2019 on Theme Park & Water Park
  4. Imagica Booking less than 5 tickets. Flat 12% Off: code BE12. Till 31st Dec 2019 on Theme Park & Water Park
  5. One Time Ride Access (Best Price): ₹ 999/- Original Price: ₹ 1899. Additional 12% Off: code BE12 + 50% PayPal Cashback. Till 31st December, 2019
  6. Imagica Offers on Birthday: minimum 5 people visit. Free Ticket Birthday Person + Free House of Stars + Guaranteed Return Gift + 5% on other tickets. Till 31st Dec 2019 on Theme Park & Water Park.
  7. Wat A Wednesday Imagica Offer. Additional 10% Off on deeply discounted prices: code BE10. Till 31st December, 2019 on Imagica Water Park
  8. Ghar Se Ghar Tak: Tickets + Meal + Car (Pickup & Drop). Avail 10% Off: code BE10. Till 31st December, 2019
  9. Passport Offer: 4 times visit in a year (any park). Flat 10% Off: code BE10. Valid Till 31st December, 2019
  10. MEAL PACKAGES 60-70% prediscounted prices. select from addons along with tickets.
  11. Transport Offers for Adlabs Imagica. Get Bus/Car (4seater or 6seater). Book before 8:00pm for next day visit from addons.
  12. Imagica Novotel Stay Offer. Flat 10% discount: code BE10. ThemePark + WaterPark + stay @ Novotel with complimentary breakfast

Adlabs Imagica Ticket Prices at Beyond Enough

List of Adlabs Imagica Theme Park and Imagica Water Park Ticket Prices. For Imagica Tickets Discount Call 9920040323!

  1. Imagica Theme Park Entry Fees For Early bird. Adult Ticket Prices - 909.30/- & Child Ticket Prices - 909.30/-
  2. Imagica Water Park Entry Fees (early bird). Adult Ticket Prices - 699.30/- & Child Ticket Prices - 559.30/-
  3. Theme Park Ticket Prices (Group Offer >5). Adult - 974.25/- & Child - 974.25/-
  4. Water Park Entry Fees (Group Offer >5). Adult - 749.25/- & Child - 599.25/-
  5. Adlabs Imagica Theme Park (One Time Ride Access): Adult - 899.10/- & Child - 899.10/-

*Taxes as applicable.

Imagica Special Packages For Family & Corporate with Promo Codes

Imagica packages Theme Park Ticket Prices Water Park Ticket Prices
Imagica College Offer (Flat 35% Off)  844.35/-  649.35/-
Imagica Happy Tuesday Theme Park Prices  899/- NA
Wat-A-Wednesday Water Park NA  539/-
Ghar Se Ghar Tak (Tickets + Meals + Car Transport)  8,099/-  6,299/-
Passport (4 times visit a year)  2,249/-  2,249/-
Park Ticket + House of Stars + Eyelusion + Glowmagica + Food  1,529/-  1,529/-
Meal Options (Unlmtd Buffet lunch + Evening Snacks + Dinner)   679/- NA
Meal Options (Breakfast + Unlmtd Buffet Lunch + Evening Snacks) NA  479/-

*Taxes as applicable.


We at Beyond Enough, go beyond boundaries to get the best experiences at the best prices in the industry. There are about 4-5 Disney Lands in the world, we are proud to offer our guests our own Indian version of Disney Experience. Imagica – India’s only International Standard Themed Destination, brings you the right mix of fun, excitement and thrill with the unparalleled Theme Park, Water Park and Snow Park. That’s not all! Imagica also takes care of your stay with a world-class accommodation at Novotel Imagica! Theme Park is for Thrill & Experience and Water Park is for Leisure. IMAGICA is open 365 Days.



Imagica has a wide range of rides to offer for everyone, be it for your kids, your family or the thrill rides for the adventurous person hidden inside you. For the adventure seekers, there are roller coasters and high-speed rides such as Scream Machine, Nitro and Gold Rush Express. While kids may have fun at the Mambo Chai Chama, Tubby Takes Off, Wagon-’O’-Wheels and more, the young-at-hearts can experience the thrilling attractions, Mr India, I For India, Rajasaurus, Splash Ahoy, amongst others. Imagica also offers magnificent indoor AC attractions such as Salimgarh, The Detective Bow Wow show, The Magic Box and much more. Imagica has continuously been adding newer attractions every year. Staying true to this tradition, children’s favourite character Chhota Bheem and his friends have found a permanent home at Imagica. Chhota Bheem will meet and greet his fans, and lift their spirits by being a part of the entertainment extravaganza- the Grand Imagica Parade. That’s not all! Guests will also have a plethora of interesting Chhota Bheem merchandise to choose from and take back home.


While at Imagica, head to the Mykonos-themed Water Park, where there is never a dull moment. The non-stop upbeat music sets the perfect tone to party at the Wave Pool, and the water slides shoot up the thrill meter. Get on the exciting rides, splash away at the Zip Zap Zoom in the looping aqua tubes, and twist and turn at the Swirl Whirl at Imagica’s Water Park. From crazy slides to lazy lagoons, it is the best place to escape the mundane routine! The restaurants offer an appetizing range of quick snacks, meals and beverage to keep you hydrated and full, while you enjoy at the park. Excitement doubles as Water Park guests now get free access to the majestic Grand Imagica Parade and other attractions at the Imagica High Street.


  1. Theme Park:
    • Park Timings: 10:30am – 8:00pm
    • Ride Timings: 11:00am – 7:00pm
  2.  Water Park (Aqua Imagica):
    • Park Timings: 10:30am – 7:00pm
    • Ride Timings: 11:00am – 6:00pm
  • Breakfast: 10:30am onwards
  • Beyond Enough Hack: Above is the information you will get on the site, the hack which you need to know is to reach IMAGICA by 10am as you might end up waiting in long queue (inspite of 8-10 ticket windows) to collect the Tickets over the counter to get an entry in the park.


Khopoli – one and a half hour’s drive from Mumbai and Pune Address:
30/31, Sangdewadi, PaliKhopoli Road, Taluka-Khalapur, Off Mumbai Pune Expressway, Raigad, Khopoli, Maharashtra


  • A/c Bus Travel (Offered by Imagica) – 599/- (per person) pickup & drop
    • Book your Tickets (along-with Bus Travel) at a discounted price from Beyond Enough here
  • A/c Car travel (Offered by Imagica) – 2,999/- (4 Seater) & 3,499/- (6 Seater)
    • Choose from the travel options which cater to families and groups of all sizes.
    • Car pickup & drop service is from Mumbai and Pune only.
    • You can either simply add-on a car or choose from super-saver Ghar-Se-Ghar-Tak Package.
    • Find out our discounts and Book your Imagica ticket with Car Selection option here
  • Local trains
    • Take a train to Khopoli and avail pocket-friendly rickshaw rides to Imagica and back
    • Once you arrive at Khopoli station, you can avail an auto-rickshaw ride directly to/from Imagica
    • Prices are fixed for your convenience: Rs.50 per person for a one-way ride
    • For return journeys, rickshaws are usually available outside the main entrance.
    • Khopoli station is just 20 minutes from Imagic
    • It is connected to Mumbai via direct local trains, and to the rest of the rail network via Karjat station.
  • CAR & Bus TRAVEL (offered by IMAGICA)
  • A/C Bus Services from Pune
  • Find out our discounts and Book your Imagica ticket with car selection option


  • Select Respective Park (ThemePark | WaterPark)
  • Select Date of Visit from Calendar.
  • Select Tickets -> click CONTINUE (You will be taken to ADDON section, for Transport/Meal/SnowPark options)
  • Select the required ADDONs -> click CONTINUE
  • Fill up the personal details -> click CheckOut (you will reach to the Order Summary Page)
  • Apply respective COUPON CODE to avail the exciting discounts.
  • After the Payment, you shall receive a TRANSACTION ID via SMS as well as an EMAIL from IMAGICA which you need to carry (no HardCopy required). You need to present the Transaction ID over the counter to collect the tickets. (NOTE: When you select TRANSPORT Options like Car/bus booking, please select the preference time, which will appear only if you add one or more quantity to the cart. For Booking SnowPark as well, you will be asked to select the Time-Slot to be filled when you add one or more quantity to the cart)
Very Important:

Discounts are available only on ONLINE TICKET BOOKING. These offers are exclusive and will not be available at the Park Counter. Online Booking will close at 9:30am for the very same day visit. We Highly recommend the purchase of ONLINE EXCLUSIVE MEAL PACKAGEs, as this will save you about 60-70% in Food cost at the park. Add-ons (like meal packages, transport, Digi photo, etc.) cannot be booked separately. Whether the Tickets are purchased Online or at the Park, the Taxes remains the same. Beyond Enough do not charge any extra tax. The Prices & Taxes are controlled by IMAGICA.

Should I travel to Imagica in a monsoon? IMAGICA is a lot more fun during rains. The View is super awesome as it is a hilly region. For Theme Park - there are only 3-4 (out of 25) rides outside, rest all of them are indoors.  Rides are not closed, all rides are operational in rains too unless it is heavily raining for which, few rides are paused for a while & started back again, which you can cover any time of the day.

What is Digi-Photo? Beyond Enough Hack: There are numerous cameras installed inside the Park as well as inside the rides, which will capture your timely moments. Not just that, there are many professional photographers across the park which will be capturing your mesmerizing photos. At the end of the day, when you leave the park, you will be shown the pictures captured in the entire day. If you have to take home these memories, you can purchase them, digital photos are uploaded on a link, shared with you from where you can download at your comfort. You can pre-buy the Digi-photo packages available in the add-on section to save about 50-60%.

iMAGICA Booking:

Jr.Child Or Pre-Schooler has free entry to SnowPark and Tubby’s Secret Party, (Tubby’s secret party will be from 1pm to 2pm)

When does the Online Booking to buy IMAGICA tickets close? Online Booking Window closes at 9:30am for the same day’s visit, so if you are waiting for booking your tickets very last moment, you would like to book the same before 9:30am

Can we avail the discounts at the counter physically? NO. Discounts are offered online to ensure the consumer’s visit. This is available to help people conclude their booking and pre-buy. At the counter, you have already reached traveling 40-50kms, you are already our patron, discounts are offered to convert a non-consumer to our patron. Also Few Tickets like Wat-A-Wednesdays, Happy Tuesdays & Special Events Tickets tend to get Sold-Out, so we recommend booking the tickets for your Imagica trip as soon the visit is finalized.

What are Express Tickets? Express Tickets allows you to skip the long waiting queue for the rides - once for every ride.  Ideal average waiting time is about 15 to 20mins and during the special days like Happy Tuesdays / WatAWednesdays, etc, it increases to almost 30mins.

MEAL Options:

We Highly recommend the purchase of ONLINE EXCLUSIVE MEAL PACKAGEs, as this will save you about 60-70% in Food cost at the park.

Beyond Enough Hack: These are Meal Coupons to be collected at the counter (one each for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner). Guests need to only present the same at any of the restaurants inside the park and select any one dish from the Menu. These coupons do not have any amount mentioned on the same. You can opt for any item Veg/Non-Veg, even Jain food is available at the restaurants. Unlimited Packages have only the LUNCH as unlimited, which is served at a specific restaurant only which serves buffet – Imagica Capital at Theme Park & Ammos Cafe at Water Park


Can I book IMAGICA’s Transport on the same day of my visit to IMAGICA? IMAGICA’s Transport Desk shuts by 8pm for the very next day’s visit, so please book before 8pm if your visit date is just next day.

How will I know whether my CAB/CAR or BUS has been booked? If you have availed Transport for IMAGICA, you will be receiving the CAR or Bus details between 9pm till 11:30pm one day before the visit date. If you don’t receive the details in the mentioned time (which happens in rare cases), you can reach out the IMAGICA’s transport desk number 022 – 62552940 (working hrs: from 7am till midnight 12am)

Will the CAB or CAR come to pick me up at my preferred location? Yes. Beyond Enough Hack: However, there are certain un-serviceable city outskirts which are not covered under the services (available till Vasai, Kalyan only in Mumbai)

How do I select my preferred BUS, CAR time and what will be my pickup location? When you add a quantity for Bus/Car, you will see the drop-downs to select the Pickup time. In case of Car-Booking – the address you put in the personal details page will be considered as pickup-drop location In case of Bus-Booking – there are various pickup points which you will have to select from (near to your residence, as per your convenience)

Water Park:

Beyond Enough Hack: Carry your own clothes, preferably body hugging (nylon or synthetic) to avoid them getting stuck in any rides.  Locker facility will be provided inside the water park. There will be a Deposit of ₹ 500/- and a rent of about ₹ 200/- per locker. Below 5yrs age get free entry to Water Park compared to 3yrs at Theme Park.

Snow Park:

Snow Park is a 45min. activity, time-slot starts from 10am, last time slot is at 7pm. It can be purchased alongwith the tickets. You will be provided with all the necessary winter wear to keep you safe from catching a cold! Jacket, hand gloves and snow hiking shoes are available free-of-cost at the Snow Park. Jr. Child or Pre-Schooler gets Free Entry to Snowpark.

Beyond Enough Hack: If you have bought Imagica’s Snow Park Tickets or are planning to visit Snow Park. Please ensure you are carrying your own SOCKS, right SOCKS... You are not allowed inside Snow Park without socks & they do not provide along with the other FURRY clothes. You can purchase the socks at the park directly if you have forgotten to carry the same. ThemePark is very exhaustive and takes high time to cover, you might have to skip few rides to attend Snow Park, so Snow Park is a best-fit with Water Park.

What is the entry fees of imagica?

Imagica Theme Park tickets starting from INR 909/- & Imagica Water Park tickets starting from INR 599/- Call 9920040323 for great Imagica deals and discounts!

How can I get imagica ticket discount?

To get a discount on Imagica tickets, You need to book imagica tickets online with Beyond Enough. Please call 9920040323 for latest Imagica deals and packages!

Cancellation Policy:

We are Growth Partners of IMAGICA and strictly follow their exact policies. Cancellations/Refunds/Chargebacks: Cancellations of entry tickets are permitted only up to 48 hours prior to the intended date of visit, & 25% cancellation charges shall be levied on the total price paid. No refunds are permitted if cancellations are made within 48 hours prior to the intended date of visit. Partial cancellations or modifications are not permitted. No refunds are admissible on cancellation or alteration of vehicle bookings. No-Show: Please note that the Park tickets are issued only for the date as mentioned thereon. These tickets cannot be used on any other date & no refunds shall be given for unused tickets. Chargeback: No chargeback are permissible on unused tickets (Over & Above the IMAGICA Cancellation Charges: Beyond Enough will charge 2.5% as handling & payment gateway costs)