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RAGILO RE (SEASON 2): 10-19th Oct 2018

India’s Premier Folk Fusion Music Festival The Finest. The First Times. And Never Befores. Jugalbandis & More!!

Across Mumbai, there is piety and revelry in equal measure. Rangilo Re re-imagines the traditional Navratri experience on a grander and more luxurious scale. The best practices of the best Navratri mandals in Gujarat have been brought down to aamchi Mumbai. Rangilo Re will showcase varied dances from the various parts of Gujarat and the best of Gujarati cuisine in one stupendous setting. That’s right, Rangilo Re – Utsav Gujarat No is an indoor air-conditioned Navratri utsav of a huge scale. Most Navratri mandals in Mumbai have to close down their festivities by 10 PM. But since Rangilo Re is being conducted in an indoor venue, dance and festivities will continue beyond 10 PM on all 10 days! So both revelers and advertisers get greater returns on their investment! * Extended Timings beyond 10pm * Authentic Gujarati Cuisine * Air-Conditioned Ambience * Ample Parking

Terms & Conditions:

  • Original ID Proof to be carried
  • Seats available on a first come first serve basis
  • No refunds on purchased tickets, even in case of any rescheduling
  • Rangilo Event Management Rules & Regulations as applicable

The star of Rangilo Re is the incredible Parthiv Gohil, a performer par excellence. Parthiv Gohil a versatile singer and composer, is known to have entire Navratri audiences swaying to his beats. He is celebrated as a sensation in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara; in Mumbai, his performances at the 'Gujarati Jalso' are a great hit with the young audience. Parthiv Gohil and his band have the pulse of the crowd, they know how to get the entire audience swaying in a delightful trance. On the other hand, when he sings the Garbo he transforms the entire audience into a world of tranquil spirituality. Parthiv has sung for Bollywood (Devdas, Saawariya, etc.), MTV Coke Studio India, and performed with Salim – Sulaiman at the World Music Festival (WOMAD) in London too.

Gujarat is renowned for its rich culture and heritage, this is one of the reasons it is a hit with both national and international tourists. Guests will be in for a magnificent, visual treat. Every day there will be cultural performances ranging from a variety of traditional acts like Dandiya, Bhavai, Padhar, Tippani, etc. from various regions like Kuchh, Saurashtra, Bhuj, Chorwad, etc.

Revellers will experience a delicious slice of authentic Gujarat while sitting here in Mumbai. There will be food stalls serving luscious, lip-smacking Gujarati cuisine ensuring that Rangilo Re is a treat for all the senses.

Gujarat is renowned for its wide array of crafts which are vivacious and eloquent expressions of the state's folklore and festivals. At Rangilo Re revellers can choose from handicrafts made by authentic artists from the different regions of Gujarat. One can browse stalls displaying handicrafts, Maati Kaam, wooden handicrafts and much more. There will also be stalls which will help revellers sport exquisite, ethnic tattoos.